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1   Angelos Pizzeria  A family-style pizza place puts a premium on blackened crusts and fresh ingredients.

2   Bistro 61  The menu is a sophisticated, creative combination of classic Provençal fare fused with inspiration from the Mediterranean coast. Walls of exposed brick and bare, candlelit walnut tables create an inviting atmosphere, further accented by burgundy banquettes and terrazzo floors, providing a decidedly Old World ambience to this Upper East Side gem.

3   BLT Steak  What makes a good steakhouse, of course, is lots of good meat, and there’s plenty of that on the menu at BLT Steak...it’s cut width-wise, in delicate slices (to facilitate fashionable “family-style” sharing), and it comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a suitably enormous porterhouse for two to a thin, surgically sliced flatiron cut of Kobe beef oozing with fatty, rich flavor. In between, there’s a tough but tasty cut of hanger steak, an absurdly tender filet mignon, and a classic sixteen-ounce New York strip. It’s charred and salty on the exterior, so that when you take a bite, the result is a pleasurable candylike crunch.

4   Caffe Martier  Good, little spot for morning coffee and Balthazar pastries.

5   Chola Eclectic Indian Cuisine  Since opening in 1998, Chola has maintained its spot in the top tier of upscale Indian restaurants. While the whitewashed dining room fails to evoke the kaleidoscopic colors of India, the blandness of the setting only heightens the aesthetic impact of the food, which is as rich and colorful as a Bollywood backlot.

6   Chopt Salads  Small chain of modern saladeries—fresh ingredients, fast service.

7   Dos Caminos   Dos Caminos Third Avenue has brought a grande fiesta to Midtown, capturing the true spirit of genuine Mexican cuisine. Offering 11,000 square feet of stunning space inspired by colorful, contemporary Mexican architecture, Dos Caminos Third Avenue features a tequila bar with over 100 different types of tequila, a 43-foot long communal table, four individual dining vaults, a private dining area that can accommodate 40 guests, and an outdoor café to enjoy Executive Chef Scott Linquist's Modern Mexican menu al fresco!

8   Felidia Ristorante   In between writing cookbooks and taping segments of Lidia's Italian Table for PBS, Lidia Bastianich, the matriarch of the clan responsible in part for Lupa, Esca, and Becco, oversees this elegant bastion of Italian cooking. But chef Fortunato Nicotra deserves credit for a new breath of energy at the range. Sauces are lighter, pastas still wonderful, and entrees get deftly tweaked. The wine list always impresses, and olive oil connoisseurs can spring for a $7 comparative tasting. Felidia's first-ever bar menu features a selection of paninis and complimentary sorbet. Available for lunch and pretheater dinner.

9   Financier Patisserie  Financier Patisserie is a charming pastry shop specializing in traditional and signature French Pastries. Its name not only refers to the district in which its flagship store is located but also to a unique French pastry of the same name. The financier is a rich almond cake that is traditionally baked in the shape of a gold bar.

10   Fiorini Restaurant  Lello Arpaia’s latest venture is with his son Dino at this midtown Italian place with two large dining rooms with fabric-covered walls, white tablecloths and power-red banquettes. In a menu of tried-and-true classics pastas and mains are consistently excellent. A memorably luxurious seafood risotto is enriched with crab, scallops, shrimp, and lobster; pappardelle with veal ragú is deeply scented with earthy porcini mushrooms and smoked prosciutto. Corporate carnivores who’d otherwise prefer Smith and Wollensky will find certain comfort in the Bistecca Fiorentina, a well-aged T-bone that’s grill-charred and packed with beefy flavor.

11   Fusha  We love Fusha because the atmosphere is trendy and sexy, but won't break the bank. The same owners as Aja (across the street) and Amber in Murray Hill. Fish selection is always very fresh and well-presented (oysters, a la carte sushi and rolls are really good).

12   Jubilee Restaurant  Hidden in a townhouse off of First Avenue, this unassuming French bistro has held steady since 1994 as one of the few decent restaurants among Sutton Place’s bland mix of anonymous pubs and sushi joints. The menu covers brasserie basics—including unremarkable renditions of steak au poivre, poulet roti, and cold poached salmon—but most diners go for the mussels.

13   Opal Bar & Restaurant  Opal is extremely popular both afterwork and as a late night destination. The front bar is a buzzing combination of long bar, several widescreen TV's, comfortable service, with a choice of many fine wines, single malt scotches, draft beers, and truly tasty appetizers and entrees.

14   Orchard House Cafe  Coffee brewed one cup at a time and handmade espresso drinks. Simple food—wholesome and very satisfying from New York’s best purveyors: E.A.T. (Zabar’s), Bimmy’s Quiche & Tell and Eli’s. In addition, wines and beers at reasonable prices.

15   Plaza Diner  A classic NYC diner—booths and counter service, large menu, and fast delivery. Think eggs over easy, grilled cheese, and tuna salad on toast.

16   Rosa Mexicano  Since 1984, Rosa Mexicano has been cooking authentic Mexican cuisine that did not mean chili cheese burritos. It has since opened three other NYC locations, plus branches in Miami, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. The formula? Guacamole prepared tableside, frozen pomegranate margaritas dispensed from a Slurpee machine, and upscale south-of-the-border cuisine. This locations, the original locale is a meandering series of rooms done in muted pastels—the pink mosaic bar matches the frozen margaritas—with white tablecloths and large plants. The dishes, from crabmeat enchiladas to beer-and-lemon-marinated short ribs with salsa ranchera, are mostly worth what some would consider a high price tag, and yes, the guac is tops.

17   Rothmann's Steakhouse  A sophisticated steakhouse with something for everyone, from “Asian-fried calamari” and “West Coast chicken” to the $176 porterhouse for four.

18   Serendipity 3  Okay, so the lamps aren't really Tiffany, and the chili on the foot-long hot dog is for wusses. There aren't many places left that make you want to blow bubbles through an ice-cream-soda straw. Serendipity 3 is proof that life isn't always a cabaret -- sometimes it's a sweet-sixteen party. Half Provincetown antique-queen attic, half Mad Hatter tea party, it's one of the few spaces kids like that doesn't have a ride.

19   Smith & Wollensky  Urban cowboys herd together over big steaks with knives to match. There's surf and turf aplenty, improvisations at lunch, and a mostly-American wine cellar.

20   Sofrito  With its 100–foot bar, Sofrito can seem Meatpacking Club–like, but there’s a definite barrio vibe here, too. White colonnades are painted with the aphorisms of Spanish Harlem artist James de la Vega, and casual multigenerational groups mix with sleekly dressed couples. Everyone, from abuelas to niños comes for the knockout Puerto Rican menu which features several dishes dashingly presented, and others simply massive: Mofongo al pilon de bistec (savory shredded beef over mashed green plantains), and pernil con arroz y gandules (roasted pork shoulder with pigeon peas and rice) are both big enough to split three ways.

21   Sutton Place Bar & Restaurant  The decor is simple: French posters line the room, leading up to a crescendo of a video wall projecting sporting events. There are 15 televisions and four large-screen projectors with surround-sound for the armchair sportsman. Large windows in front provide a nice view, and there's a separate lounge with a fireplace. The real treat, however, is the rooftop space with overhead fans, frozen drinks and a long granite bar.

22   Toasties East   Toasties is a family owned and operated New York gourmet delicatessen, that pride’s itself on dedication to fresh and tasty food served in a New York minute (fast!).

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