When it is convenient, we recommend that residents let us plan for their arrival as early as possible. The best tickets, the hottest restaurant reservations and services are assured when we can arrange them for you in advance of your stay.


1   Café Asia  With an open kitchen and open seating, Café Asia has the feel of a fancy cafeteria. The menu takes diners on a trip through the Far East; diners can explore the tastes of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan. Of this well-varied menu, we personally recommend the sushi. They offer a great selection of specialty rolls as well as the classic favorites.

2   Minh’s  Few restaurants at any price are as consistently delicious as this Vietnamese star. The 100-plus-item menu covers a lot of ground including pho, rice crepes, broken rice dishes, mixed grills, anddaily fresh seafood specials, including a plate of big fried soft-shells draped with slivers of ginger and fried lettuce.

3   Ray’s the Steaks  This casual spot pulls off a neat trick—managing to be both a casual neighborhood bistro and a prime-time steakhouse. Owner Michael Landrum wanders the packed dining room chatting up customers who rave over his steaks--farm-raised, corn-fed Hereford and Angus from Iowa, Nebraska, and Washington state—and his gentle prices.

4   Cava Mezze  Prepare to indulge in unique Greek-inspired dishes, skillfully crafted by talented Chef Dimitri Moshovitis. All dishes are served mezze style—in small plates, but with portions large enough to share. Cava’s mezze-style dining inspires conversation and laughter at the table. The dim candle-lighting and black and white family photos adorning Cava’s charming brick interior walls creates a welcoming atmosphere.

5   Eventide  Serving creative, fresh food and developing strong relationships with local farmers, executive chef Adam Barnett serves a seasonal, delicious menu. Located in a pre-war building with large windows and incredibly high ceilings, Eventide offers an intimate feel in a grand dining room.

6   Rustico  Designed for good times with family and friends, Rustico offers a warm feel with an adamantly unpretentious attitude. Over 400 beers coupled with robust cooking and big flavors make Rustico a prime evening destination. With so many options and a great setting you are sure to find something that everyone will like.

7   Tallulla  Recognized as a pioneer in modern American cuisine and known for their stellar wines, Tallula provides a fantastic meal time and time again. Crafting a unique menu each day based on seasonal, farm-driven ingredients, your taste buds are about to embark on a culinary adventure. The classic décor and the impeccable staff will ensure that your meal is superb.

8   American Tap Room  American Tap Room provides a comfortably sophisticated gathering place for friends and family to enjoy the classic grill menu, good drinks and great times. A great place for anything from a delicious brunch to watching sporting events, American Tap Room is perfect for any time of day.

9   Circa  Circa is local bistro serving high quality food, in an inviting environment with an energized social scene. Their hightop tables at the bar and seasonal cocktails are community fixtures and help create the lounge feel that makes Circa a nice place to stop for a before dinner drink. Last but not last, Circa boasts a spacious patio on one of Clarendon’s best corners for vibrant dining and people watching.

10   Caribbean Breeze  Caribbean Breeze is an amazing place to enjoy the fresh Latin fusion cuisine, but also to listen to the hottest music and learn the latest dance trends. The décor is very modern featuring lots of glass, vivid colors and innovative lighting, which brings plenty of Caribbean flair to this one of a kind place. With an authentic menu to match the lively mood, Caribbean Breeze will surely provide an exciting evening.

11   Shiki Sushi  Serving fantastically fresh fish in an elegant ambiance, Shiki Sushi is known for their great Japanese Korean fusion cuisine. Don’t let the fact that Shiki Sushi is in the Ballston Commons Mall deter you because once you try a roll, from their vast list of signature maki rolls, there will be no question as to the quality of their food.

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